Patents of The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation

As a result of the Centre’s research and development, different prototypes of products and services (methods) have been developed. The following of them are registered and patent-protected:

Electrical mud therapy device for limbs

(Patent application number P201400009, Letters patent number EE 05772 B1)

Enables to perform the procedure on both hands simultaneously with an optimal amount of mud, easily transport the ready-to-use device and control the procedure parameters by adjusting the temperature of the mud and running time. The device consists of an outer body, control panel, sensors, timers, and a tubular inner body into which hands are placed during the procedure. The openings of the inner body are covered with silicone or rubber to prevent the mud from leaking out when in use and the openings can be sealed with caps, so that the mud can be kept inside the device between procedures and the device itself conveniently transported without any mud leaking out. The device is used for mud therapy procedures primarily in treatment facilities, but due to its compact construction can be used elsewhere as well.

Patent holder: Tallinn University

Authors of the invention: Arvo Pärenson, Taavet Pärenson, Raivo Hein

Therapeutic mud mixture and a method for its manufacture

(Patent application number P201500002, Letters patent number EE 05778 B1)

The invention concerns a therapeutic mud mixture, which consists of 10-90 % balneological mud and 10-90 % balneological peat (by weight), whereby both components are ground to particle size 5-500 µm. Curative effects of different therapeutic mud mixtures based on balneological mud and balneological peat are characterized. The invention also includes a method for the manufacture of the therapeutic mud mixture.

Patent holder: Tallinn University

Authors of the invention: Viiu Tuulik, Silver Saarik