Vibroacoustic bed

In collaboration with Ivar Vinkel, an expert of vibroacoustics, the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation has developed a prototype of an innovative device for vibroacoustic therapy. The intellectual property of the vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) device – a vibroacoustic bed – is protected as an industrial design solution (Community design Register, no 003004332-0001). The device has an innovative ergonomic design, making it comfortable for the user as well as the person conducting the procedure. It is mobile, easily maintained, and aesthetically compatible with different environments. Potential users of the device include producers of medical and wellness products who would use the industrial design solution for making vibroacoustic beds under a licence.


The owner of the industrial design solution: Tallinn University


The authors of the industrial design solution: Arvo Pärenson, Taavet Pärenson, Raivo Hein


Under a licence agreement OÜ SMARTdo is producing the industrial design solution, using healBED vibroacoustic beds.