A novel method – mud massage – has been developed by the Centre

The mud massage uses a mud mixture, which has been homogenised in a disintegrator mill. A suitable composition is achieved by mixing sea mud with peat mud. The mud is preheated to 42-43 degrees Celsius. An even layer of the homogenised mud mixture is applied on a patient’s back. 350-400 grams of the mud mixture is sufficient to cover the whole back. The back is covered with heat wraps which have also been heated to 42-43 degrees Celsius. The wraps ensure a stable temperature of the mud mixture throughout the whole procedure. The mud is allowed to take effect for approximately 25-30 minutes. The massage starts with the head, arms and legs.


After that the back is uncovered. The back massage begins with a vacuum massage followed by a classical manual massage with stretching of the spine and shoulders. The back massage lasts for about 20-25 minutes.


The procedure allows for the maximum combination of the effects of mud treatment and classical massage. The small amount of used mud (350-400 grams) is an advantage, which makes it possible for the method to be used in all institutions that practise massage. The method guarantees maximum relaxation of the back muscles during the massage and works well for neck, shoulder and back problems caused by overload and forced working positions.


OÜ Stressivaba, for example, uses the mud massage in its work.


A massage cream that contains humid substances

The cooperation between the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation and the Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant has resulted in a massage cream that contains humid substances from the curative mud of Haapsalu.


The cream can be used on normal, dry and sensitive skin as a body and massage cream in case of muscular pain.


Natural active substances and minerals in the mud extract contribute to the regeneration of skin and reduce irritation. The cream acts against inflammation and pain and reduces muscle tension. Vaseline oil and avocado oil moisturise and soften the skin, which makes them suitable for dry and scaly skin.


As a body cream, the product can be used daily, for massage according to massage frequency. One massage procedure uses about 20g of cream.


The cream is absorbed during massage and does not need to be washed off.


A study into the effects of the massage cream was conducted at Tervis Medical Spa in Pärnu in 2013-2014 (study leader Monika Übner, University of Tartu Pärnu College). The aim was to study the changes in the functional condition of neck and shoulders in case of chronic myofascial pain after a course of massage treatments and one month after the treatment and to compare the results to pre-treatment indicators. 1% massage cream of humid substances extracted from Haapsalu sea mud was used.




Крем для массажа с экстрактом гуминовых веществ лечебной грязи