Members of the council:

Katrin Niglas
Tallinn University, Vice-Rector for Research

Heli Kaldas
Tallinn University Haapsalu College, Director

Urmas Sukles
Haapsalu Municipality, Mayor

Mari-Liis Ööpik-Loks
Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, Service Manager

Doris Vahtrik
University of Tartu, Lecturer of the musculoskeletal system of the Institute of Sports Sciences and Physiotherapy

Rein Kuik
Tartu University Hospital, Head of Clinic of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Ingrid Talving
Heal AS, Chairman of the Board

Chairperson of the Centre’s Council:

Katrin Niglas
Tallinn University, Vice-Rector for Research

Responsibilities of the Council

  • approves the structure, makeup and management processes of the Centre;
  • approves the Centre’s strategy and action plan and on the basis of it, confirms the aims and activities of a supported project;
  • approves the price-list of the Centre’s services;
  • evaluates the Centre’s work;
  • adopts the Centre’s annual action plan and approves the report on its implementation;
  • adopts the budget and financing plan and approves the report on their implementation;
  • reviews and approves the applications for funding submitted by the Centre;
  • elects the Director and researchers in a competitive procedure;
  • makes decisions concerning general and strategic issues in research and development;
  • makes proposals to the Senate of the University for changing the Centre’s Statute;
  • makes decisions concerning new partners and approves the cooperation agreement before it is signed;
  • listens to the Director’s reports;
  • makes decisions concerning other issues in its competence according to the University Statute, Universities Act and other legal acts.