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1972_Humisool sai seaduslikuks ravimiks.pdf
1972_Uue ravimi proovipartii.pdf
1983 - Järved ootavad noorenduskuuri - kriitikavastus.pdf
Abdel-Fattah and Pingitore - 2009 - Low levels of toxic elements in Dead Sea black mud.pdf
Abdel-Motelib et al_2011_Suitability of a Miocene bentonite from North Western Desert of Egypt for.pdf
Abels_Kipnis_1998_Bioclimatology and balneology in dermatology.pdf
Arab 2010.pdf
Ardic et al_2007_Effects of balneotherapy on serum IL-1, PGE2 and LTB4 levels in fibromyalgia.pdf
Arro_1993_Kui terve on ravimuda.pdf
Artymuk et al_2010_Intravaginal gel prepared from Dead Sea peloid for treating luteal-phase defect.pdf
Artymuk_2012_Dead Sea Peloid Gel used Intravaginally Increases Progesterone and Estradiol.pdf
Baschini et al_2010_Suitability of natural sulphur-rich muds from Copahue (Argentina) for use as.pdf
Basili et al_2001_Effects of mud-pack treatment on plasma cytokine and soluble adhesion molecule.pdf
Beer et al. - 2001 - The effect of peat components on endocrine and imm.pdf
Beer et al. - 2002 - Isolation of biologically active fractions from th.pdf
Beer et al. - 2003 - Evaluation of the permeation of peat substances th.pdf
Beer et al_2013_Peloidtherapie.pdf
Bellometti et al. - 2002 - Bone remodelling in osteoarthrosic subjects underg.pdf
Bellometti et al_1997_Mud pack therapy in osteoarthrosis.pdf
Bender et al. - 2004 - Hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, and spa treatment in .pdf
Bender et al. - 2007 - Effect of Balneotherapy on the Antioxidant System—.pdf
Bender et al. - 2007 - The effect of physical therapy on beta-endorphin l.pdf
Bender et al_2005_Hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, and spa treatment in pain management.pdf
Bender et al_2008_Balneology Research in Hungary.pdf
Bender et al_Evidence-based hydro- and balneotherapy in Hungary—a systematic review and.pdf
Benedetti et al. - 2010 - Biomarkers of oxidation, inflammation and cartilag.pdf
Bernacchi et al. - 1996 - In vivo cytogenetic effects of natural humic acid.pdf
Botes et al. - 2002 - Phase I trial with oral oxihumate in HIV-infected .pdf
Brefel-Courbon et al_2003_Clinical and economic analysis of spa therapy in Parkinson's disease.pdf
Britschka et al. - 2007 - The efficacy of Brazilian black mud treatment in c.pdf
Buskila et al_2001_Balneotherapy for fibromyalgia at the Dead Sea.pdf
Butuzova et al_1998_Structure and properties of humic acids obtained from thermo-oxidised brown coal.pdf
Calvo et al_2011_Pharmaceutical ethnobotany in the Riverside of Navarra (Iberian Peninsula).pdf
Cantarini et al. - 2006 - Therapeutic effect of spa therapy and short wave t.pdf
Cara et al_2000_The bentonites in pelotherapy (2).pdf
Cara et al_2000_The bentonites in pelotherapy.pdf
Caraglia 2005.pdf
Carretero and Pozo - 2009 - Clay and non-clay minerals in the pharmaceutical i.pdf
Carretero et al_2007_Comparison of saponite and montmorillonite behaviour during static and stirring.pdf
Carretero et al_2010_Mobility of elements in interaction between artificial sweat and peloids used.pdf
Carretero_2002_Clay minerals and their beneficial effects upon human health.pdf
Casás et al_2011_Specific heat of mixtures of bentonitic clay with sea water or distilled water.pdf
Celik Karakaya et al_2010_Some properties of thermal muds of some spas in Turkey.pdf
Chadzopulu et al. - The therapeutic effects of mud.pdf
Cimbiz et al. - 2005 - The effect of combined therapy (spa and physical t.pdf
Ciprian et al. - 2011 - The effects of combined spa therapy and rehabilita.pdf
Codish et al. - 2003 - Mud compress therapy for the hands of patients wit.pdf
Codish et al. - 2005 - Spa therapy for ankylosing spondylitis at the Dead.pdf
Cozzi et al. - 2004 - Anti-inflammatory effect of mud-bath applications .pdf
Cozzi et al. - 2007 - Mud-bath treatment in spondylitis associated with .pdf
Cramer et al__Thermotherapy self-treatment for neck pain relief—A randomized controlled trial.pdf
Czech moor bath.pdf
Dolmaa et al. - 2011 - Characterization and Organic Compounds in Peloids .pdf
Dulaymie et al_2013_Balneological study based on the hydrogeochemical aspects of the sulfate.pdf
Dönmez et al. - 2005 - SPA therapy in fibromyalgia a randomised controll.pdf
Eesti ravimudade majandamise juhised.pdf
El Mouzdahir et al_2010_Equilibrium modeling for the adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous.pdf
Elkayam et al. - 2000 - Immediate and delayed effects of treatment at the .pdf
Evcik et al. - 2007 - The efficacy of balneotherapy and mud-pack therapy.pdf
Fioravanti et al. - 2007 - Effects of mud-bath treatment on fibromyalgia pati.pdf
Fioravanti et al. - 2010 - Effects of Spa therapy on serum leptin and adipone.pdf
Fioravanti et al. - 2010 - Mechanisms of action of spa therapies in rheumatic.pdf
Fioravanti et al. - 2010 - Short-and long-term effects of spa therapy in knee.pdf
Fioravanti et al. - 2011 - Efficacy of balneotherapy on pain, function and qu.pdf
Fioravanti et al. - 2012 - Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Spa Therapy.pdf
Forestier and Françon - 2008 - Crenobalneotherapy for limb osteoarthritis System.pdf
Fraioli et al. - 2010 - A study on the efficacy of treatment with mud pack.pdf
Gaal et al. - 2008 - Balneotherapy in elderly patients effect on pain.pdf
Galzigna et al_1998_Thermal mud-pack as an anti-inflammatory treatment.pdf
Gamiz et al. - 2009 - Influence of water type and maturation time on the.pdf
Gerencsér et al_2010_Ecotoxicological studies on Hungarian peloids (medicinal muds).pdf
Gomes and Silva - 2007 - Minerals and clay minerals in medical geology.pdf
Gremeaux et al. - 2012 - Evaluation of the benefits of low back pain patien.pdf
Groven_1999_Peat therapeutics and balneotherapy.pdf
Guendling et al_2009_Therapeutic effects of mud packs on joint ailment and quality of life from.pdf
Gutenbrunner et al_2010_A proposal for a worldwide definition of health resort medicine, balneology,.pdf
Gündling et al_2008_Effectiveness of cold mud packs on venous disorders and quality of life in.pdf
Güngen et al. - 2011 - The effect of mud pack therapy on serum YKL-40 and.pdf
Halevy et al_1997_Dead sea bath salt for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris.pdf
Harari - 2012 - La belleza no está sólo en la superficie de la pie.pdf
Hark_1966_Sissesoolatud humisool.pdf
Haslauer why peat therapy.pdf
Heinsalu_2010_Haapsalu meremuda ja selle kasutamine ravimudana.pdf
Hexsel et al. - 2009 - A validated photonumeric cellulite severity scale.pdf
Hinnang 6päevasele sanatoorsele ravile_2002.pdf
Ho et al. - 2003 - Humic acid mediates iron release from ferritin and.pdf
Hung et al. - 1994 - Characterization of dissolved organic carbon and H.pdf
Huumushapete toime uurimine 2000.pdf
Ilomets_1990_Eesti ravimudad, maailma unikaalne loodusvara 1.pdf
Ilomets_1990_Eesti ravimudad, maailma unikaalne loodusvara 2.pdf
Ilomets_1990_Eesti ravimudad, maailma unikaalne loodusvara 3.pdf
Ilomets_1990_Eesti ravimudad, maailma unikaalne loodusvara 4.pdf
Ilomets_1990_Eesti ravimudad, maailma unikaalne loodusvara 5.pdf
Ilomets_1990_Eesti ravimudad, maailma unikaalne loodusvara 6.pdf
Ilomets_1990_Vaikus muda ümber.pdf
Ioannidis et al. - 1999 - Influence of fulvic acid on the collagen secretion.pdf
Isabelcarretero and Lagaly - 2007 - Clays and health An introduction.pdf
Jokić et al_2010_Oxidative stress, hemoglobin content, superoxide dismutase and catalase.pdf
Jooné and van Rensburg - 2004 - An in vitro investigation of the anti-inflammatory.pdf
Junek et al. - 2009 - Bimodal effect of humic acids on the LPS-induced T.pdf
Jurcsik_1994_Possibilities of applying humic acids in medicine (wound healing and cancer.pdf
Kahle et al_2002_Review of XRD-based quantitative analyses of clay minerals in soils.pdf
Karagülle et al. - 2007 - A 10-day course of SPA therapy is beneficial for p.pdf
Kask - 1981 - Haapsalu, Voosi ja Suurlahe tervismuda iseloomust .pdf
Kask and Kask - Meremuda (ravimuda) uurimisest Haapsalu Tagalahes.pdf
Katz et al. - 2012 - Scientific Evidence of the Therapeutic Effects of .pdf
Kazandjieva et al. - 2008 - Climatotherapy of psoriasis.pdf
Khan et al. - 2010 - Treatment of cellulite.pdf
Khlaifat et al_2010_Physical and chemical characterization of Dead Sea mud.pdf
Kikas et al_2001_A case study of the impact of boundary layer aerosol size distribution on the.pdf
Kleb et al. - 1999 - Peat exploration for medical use.pdf
Kliinilised uuringud.pdf
Klöcking and Helbig - 1991 - Interaction of humic acids and humic-acid-like pol.pdf
Klöcking and Helbig - 2005 - Medical aspects and applications of humic substanc.pdf
Klöcking et al. - 2002 - Anti-HSV-1 activity of synthetic humic acid-like p.pdf
Knõsh_2004_Turvas, sapropeel ja tervisemuda.pdf
Konkoly Thege - HUMIFULVATE.pdf
Krzeminski et al. - 2005 - Angiogenesis and cardioprotection after TNF-induc.pdf
Kübler - 1991 - Differential inhibitory effects of humic acids on .pdf
Kılıcoglu et al_2010_Effect of balneotherapy on temporospatial gait characteristics of patients with.pdf
Lago et al. - 2008 - A new player in cartilage homeostasis adiponectin.pdf
Lauche et al_2013_Effectiveness of Home-Based Cupping Massage Compared to Progressive Muscle.pdf
Lauri_1993_Kas Haapsalu ravimuda on puhas.pdf
Lebedeva 2005.pdf
Lebedeva 2005b.pdf
Lee 1999.pdf
Legido et al_2007_Comparative study of the cooling rates of bentonite, sepiolite and common clays.pdf
Leonova et al_2011_Biogenic contribution of minor elements to organic matter of recent lacustrine.pdf
Lepisto_1967_Muda ei maksa midagi.pdf
Lepisto_1970_Autoritunnistuse nr.pdf
Li et al_2012_Integrated Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Sediments from a Coastal.pdf
López-Galindo et al_2007_Compositional, technical and safety specifications of clays to be used as.pdf
Maraver et al_2011_Is thalassotherapy simply a type of climatotherapy.pdf
Marazziti et al. - 2007 - Thermal balneotherapy induces changes of the plate.pdf
Mascolo et al_1999_Characterization of toxic elements in clays for human healing use.pdf
Mascolo et al_2004_In vivo experimental data on the mobility of hazardous chemical elements from.pdf
Matsumoto et al. - 2011 - Effects of thermal therapy combining sauna therapy.pdf
Matz et al. - 2003 - Balneotherapy in dermatology.pdf
Meyers_2003_Applications of organic geochemistry to paleolimnological reconstructions.pdf
Mihelčić et al. - 2011 - Physico-chemical characteristics of the peloid mud.pdf
Miko et al. - 2007 - Anthropogenic influence on trace element geochemis.pdf
Milačič et al_2012_Environmental impact of toxic elements in red mud studied by fractionation and.pdf
Millikan_2000_Unapproved treatments or indications in dermatology.pdf
Millikan_2002_Complementary medicine in dermatology.pdf
Moor mudbath.pdf
Nasermoaddeli and Kagamimori - 2005 - Balneotherapy in medicine a review.pdf
Nguyen et al. - 1997 - Prolonged effects of 3 week therapy in a spa resor.pdf
Nissenbaum et al_2002_Are the Curative Properties of ‘Black Mud’ from the Dead Sea Due to the.pdf
Obmiñska-Domoradzka and Stefañska-Joñca - 2001 - The effect of a peat-based preparation on mitogen-.pdf
Odabasi et al. - 2007 - Lipophilic Components of Different Therapeutic Mud.pdf
Odabasi et al. - 2008 - Does Mud Pack Treatment Have Any Chemical Effect .pdf
Oja_1975_Mis kurortoloogias uudist.pdf
Orru et al_2007_Eesti turba balneoloogiliste kasutamisvõimaluste uuring (III etapp).pdf
Orru et al_2011_Chemical properties of peat in three peatlands with balneological potential in.pdf
Orru_2008_Eesti turba kasutamisest balneoloogias.pdf
Orru__Mis on balneoloogiline turvas ja palju seda maailmas kasutatakse.pdf
Otto_Haydel_2013_Exchangeable Ions Are Responsible for the In Vitro Antibacterial Properties of.pdf
Oumeish_1999_Traditional Arabic medicine in dermatology.pdf
Padernik - 1983 - Järved ootavad noorenduskuuri.pdf
Pant et al. - Shilajit A Humic Matter Panacea for Cancer.pdf
Pasvanoğlu_2012_Hydrogeochemical study of the thermal and mineralized waters of the Banaz.pdf
Pena-Mendez et al_2005_Humic substances – compounds of still unknown structure.pdf
Pihlak_1976_Miks jätta väärt loodusvara kasutamata.pdf
Pillai et al. - 2011 - Favorable preliminary results using TLIATG-based .pdf
Pittler - 2006 - Spa therapy and balneotherapy for treating low bac.pdf
Poensin et al_2003_Effects of mud pack treatment on skin microcirculation.pdf
Qi et al. - 2008 - Damage to lung epithelial cells and lining fluid a.pdf
Qu and Kelderman - 2001 - Heavy metal contents in the Delft canal sediments .pdf
Ramst - 1992 - Eesti järvemudavaru.pdf
Rebelo et al. - 2011 - Characterization of Portuguese geological material.pdf
Rebelo et al_2011_Rheological and thermal characterization of peloids made of selected Portuguese.pdf
Riede et al. - 1992 - Collagen stabilization induced by natural humic su.pdf
Rizo et al_2013_Radioactivity levels and radiation hazard of healing mud from San Diego River,.pdf
Rosa et al_2002_Extraction and exchange behavior of metal species in therapeutically applied.pdf
Schepetkin et al. - 2002 - Medical drugs from humus matter Focus on mumie.pdf
Schepetkin et al. - 2003 - Characterization and Biological Activities of Humi.pdf
Schlossmann - 1939 - Estonian Curative Sea-Muds and Seaside Health Reso.pdf
Seppel_2011_Eesti ravimudad, nende seisund ja kasutusvõimalused.pdf
Smiljanić et al_2011_Study of factors affecting Ni2+ immobilization efficiency by temperature.pdf
Suarez et al_2011_Identification of Organic Compounds in San Diego de los Banos Peloid (Pinar del.pdf
Sukenik 1999.pdf
Sukenik et al. - 1990 - Sulphur bath and mud pack treatment for rheumatoid.pdf
Sukenik et al_1990_Sulphur bath and mud pack treatment for rheumatoid arthritis at the Dead Sea.pdf
Summa_Tateo_1998_The use of pelitic raw materials in thermal centres.pdf
Summa_Tateo_1999_Geochemistry of two peats suitable for medical uses and their behaviour during.pdf
Sutlovic et al. - 2008 - Interaction of humic acids with human DNA Propose.pdf
Suárez et al. - 2010 - Analysis of anthropogenic organic compounds in San.pdf
Szendi et al. - 2012 - Mutagenic activity of peloids in the Salmonella Am.pdf
Tali - Sea Mud - the Sleeping Princess of Haapsalu.pdf
Tamasan et al_2010_Textural properties of the medical Algo clay as influenced by calcination.pdf
Tarnawski et al. - 2006 - HPLC determination of phenolic acids and antioxida.pdf
Tateo and Summa - 2007 - Element mobility in clays for healing use.pdf
Tateo et al_2006_Healing clays.pdf
Tateo et al_2009_The in-vitro percutaneous migration of chemical elements from a thermal mud for.pdf
Tateo et al_2010_Short-term and long-term maturation of different clays for pelotherapy in an.pdf
Tefner et al. - 2011 - The effect of spa therapy in chronic low back pain.pdf
Tefner et al_2012_The effect of spa therapy in chronic low back pain.pdf
Terasmaa__Ravimuda valdkond.pdf
Terhorst et al. - 2011 - Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Trea.pdf
Terry et al_2012_An overview of systematic reviews of complementary and alternative medicine for.pdf
Therapeutic medical aspect.pdf
Tserenpil et al. - 2010 - Organic matters in healing muds from Mongolia.pdf
Tubergen_Linden_2002_A brief history of spa therapy.pdf
Vadi - 1947 - Eesti Tervismuda Balneoloogiline Uurimus.pdf
Vaht et al_2008_An evaluation of the effect of differing lengths of spa therapy upon patients.pdf
Varga - 2010 - Balneoprevention new approaches.pdf
Varga - 2010 - The Balneology paradox.pdf
Varga_2011_The Balneology paradox.pdf
Veber_Järvemuda söödaks ja väetiseks.pdf
Veinpalu - 1976 - Ravimuda Ja Mudaravi.pdf
Velme_Valmis Humisooli proovipartii.pdf
Veniale et al_2004_Formulation of muds for pelotherapy.pdf
Veniale et al_2007_Thermal muds.pdf
Vermaire et al_2013_Changes in submerged macrophyte abundance altered diatom and chironomid.pdf
Viganò et al. - 2008 - Estrogenicity profile and estrogenic compounds det.pdf
Viseras et al_2007_Uses of clay minerals in semisolid health care and therapeutic products.pdf
Viseras_Lopez-Galindo_1999_Pharmaceutical applications of some spanish clays (sepiolite, palygorskite,.pdf
Voronkov et al. - 2009 - Chemical composition of peloids from Gurvan Nuur M.pdf
Vreca_Dolenec_2005_Geochemical estimation of copper contamination in the healing mud from Makirina.pdf
Wang et al. - 1997 - Characterization and comparison of five fulvic aci.pdf
Wang et al_1996_Interaction between fulvic acid of different origins and active oxygen radicals.pdf
Williams - Fangotherapy Fun.pdf
Yamada 2007.pdf
Yang et al_2004_Humic acid induces apoptosis in human premyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells.pdf
Yilmaz et al. - 2004 - Comparison of a generic and a disease specific qua.pdf
Yurtkuran et al. - 2005 - Improvement of the clinical outcome in Ankylosing .pdf
Yurtkuran et al. - 2006 - Balneotherapy and tap water therapy in the treatme.pdf
Zijlstra et al_2007_Cost-effectiveness of Spa treatment for fibromyalgia.pdf
_2009_Haapsalu väikesadamate laevatee süvendamise keskkonnamõju uuring.pdf
abujeta 2005.pdf
bner and Lopp - 2002 - Properties of humic substances from the mud of the.pdf
bner et al_2004_Electrophoretic aggregation of humic acid.pdf
bner et al_2004_Interactions of Pb2+ with fulvic acid by electrophoretically mediated.pdf
bner et al_2004_Properties of humic substances from the Baltic Sea and Lake Ermistu mud.pdf
bner et al_2007_Supression of solute-wall interactions in humic acid capillary electrophoretic.pdf
bner_2010_Humiinained setetes.pdf
de Zárate et al_2010_Measurement of the thermal conductivity of clays used in pelotherapy by the.pdf
dos Santos et al. - 2007 - Interaction between humic substances and metallic .pdf
füüsikaliste ravifaktorite met.juh.pdf
mud therapy experts.pdf
peat bath.pdf
peat wrap.pdf
uudne turbasaun.pdf
van Tubergen and van der Linden - 2002 - A brief history of spa therapy.pdf
van Tulder et al. - 2005 - Complementary and alternative therapies for low ba.pdf
von Bonin and Wolf - 2008 - Cardiorespiratory interactions during and after po.pdf